• Cables and WiresWe develop and produce high quality cables as well as special solutions that are particularly manufactured according to your requirements and for your individual application. You don´t find the appropriate cable in our catalogue “Flexible Cables”? Then please contact us! We will find the solution for you!  ... more
    Cables and Wires
    We develop and produce high quality cables as well as special solutions that are particularly manufactured according to your requirements and for your individual application. You don´t find the appropriate cable in our catalogue “Flexible Cables”? Then please contact us! We will find the solution for you! ... more
  • Cable HarnessingWith our subsidiary “KANSA Kabeltechnik“, we at SAB Bröckskes have enlarged our product range by cable harnessing products. It does not matter if it is a standard or special product. We design and produce high quality cables as well as ready-made cables with plug. We offer a broad product range from harnessed single cores, cables, or complete cable sets according to your special prescriptions and requirements.   ...more
    Cable Harnessing
    With our subsidiary “KANSA Kabeltechnik“, we at SAB Bröckskes have enlarged our product range by cable harnessing products. It does not matter if it is a standard or special product. We design and produce high quality cables as well as ready-made cables with plug. We offer a broad product range from harnessed single cores, cables, or complete cable sets according to your special prescriptions and requirements. ...more
  • Temperature MeasurementFor centuries, people could grasp temperature only subjectively as cold, warm, or hot. The invention of the first objective temperature measuring device (temperature sensor) based on the expansion of air is contributed to Galileo Galilei approx. in 1592.  ... more
    Temperature Measurement
    For centuries, people could grasp temperature only subjectively as cold, warm, or hot. The invention of the first objective temperature measuring device (temperature sensor) based on the expansion of air is contributed to Galileo Galilei approx. in 1592. ... more
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Your Expert for Custom Cables, Temperature Measurement, and Cable Harnessing!

SAB Bröckskes stands for flexibility, quick handling, reliability, and quality. We develop and produce flexible cables and wirescustom cablestemperature measurement, and cable harnessing as well as special solutions that are especially designed acc. to your demands and for your application. You don´t find the suitable cable in our catalogues or you have any other problem – please do not hesitate to contact us! We will find the right solution for you!


    Robot CablesDR 750 P Offshore - reeling cable for maritme useHigher standard regarding fire protection in rail vehiclesUL approved cable harnessThe varied world of sensor systems in the automotive industryCables and Wires for ShipbuildingIndustrial Ethernet CAT 7 & CAT 7A CablesHarnessed cables and wiresRailway Cables and WiresMobile Measurement Technology for HV Components - HV SensorsSABIX Ultra Cables and WiresBlueLine - Cables and Wires for ShipbuildingCables and Wires for Airport EquipmentBesilen® (silicone) Insulated StrandsCables and Wires for Building and Utility VehiclesTray Cables - VFD Symmetrical Lean TR Typ MTW and WTTCCables and Wires for Crane and Conveyor ApplicationsCables and Wires for Wind Power Plant

    Cables for prototype construction


    Especially for the cable equipment of prototypes and small batch series, SAB Bröckskes, the specialist in cable production offers highest support. Connection cables for the visible areas of devices are a special challenge for the prototype and small series production. Individual requirements regarding numbers of cores, outer diameter, sheath colour and grip shall be fulfilled.


    Nevertheless, for such small quantities only huge lengths are available. Also the especially designed colour of the device is rarely to be found with stored cables. Remedy of single parameters often lead to high remainders which generally can´t be used any more.

    Especially in this range a unique support is offered: specialized on customised solutions and process approach, the cable specialist SAB Bröckskes offers the production of special cables already for a quantity of 100 m considering the customer´s requirements at the same time.


    Unique highlights:


    • also these small quantities are made in series production
    • a wide range of bio compatible materials of the SABmed line which are individually chosen. For the biological harmlessness acc. to EN ISO 10993-1 (cytotoxicity acc. to EN ISO 10993-5) the corresponding certificates are available
    • the outer sheath colour can be adapted to the design of the device and offers a harmonious visual appearance
    • highest flexibility, noble grip and no risk of kink, the typical torsion effect of handheld connection cables
    • on request also available as cable harness

    SABmed Cables and Wires


    Bio compatible medical cables with UL approval and "non blooming" effect


    The bio compatible material series SABmed S contains besides the basic type with high abrasion and tear strength an ultra flexible and smooth cable, a cable with UL approval as well as a non blooming type.


    There are highest demands on connection cables for medical devices especially for electro therapy/ surgery and dental technology if the cables are used between generator and applicator and thus are in contact with the patient.


    Special characteristics of the cable range

    Besides the flexibility and a perfect cleaning (by wiper disinfection or by autoclaving) characteristics as for example bio compatibility, reliability due to a long service life, low weight as well as a non sticking cable surface are often required. Moreover, for special applications the approval acc. to American standards is of greatest importance. Herewith, the torsion shall be avoided if the cable is coiled up by hand. The special cable manufacturer SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG from Viersen has succeeded to fulfil all requirements existing on the market that are presented with the material range SABmed S.


    All types are bio compatible acc. to EN ISO 10993-5 and offer best characteristics with regard to notch resistance. Nearly every cable type in or at medical devices can be manufactured with this material compound. Also single cores, interfaces for bus systems (as for example CAT5 up to CAT7, RS232, USB, etc.), power cables or cables for hand-held equipment can be offered.


    With the SABmed S material compound SAB has got also the possibility to design and manufacture connection cables for temperature sensors. Another advantage offered by the manufacturer is to adapt the cable colour individually to the colour of the medical device. Thus cables with a homogenized optic can be manufactured - different colours of device and cable are consequently a thing of the past.

    Special solutions for special applications

    The production possibilities of SAB range from basic types and standard dimensions to special cables according to the individual requirements of our customers. New productions are already possible for small quantities - especially interesting for small and pilot productions.


    Bio compatible medical cables with UL approval and "non blooming" effect

    Innovative control cable for paint robots

    The cable is designed for use in robots particularly in drag chains for axis 7 and distinguishes itself by a high resistance against different chemicals or solvents commonly used in robotic painting applications.


    In a paint shop (painting line in the automotive industry) cables get in contact with highly aggressive chemicals like coatings, solvents and lubricants. According to the manufacturer the new cable has two unique features of great importance. One of which is the robustness for drag chain applications and the other is the resistance against the specific environmental conditions associated with robotic painting applications.


    Special construction


    The insulation and sheath compounds are especially engineered for flame and chemical resistance. The robust construction of the cable is essential for continuous flex use in drag chains.


    The latest development for robot technology of SAB Bröckskes fulfills the demanding flame test FT4 for the North American market.


    Special characteristics of the cable:


    • flame retardant and self-extinguishing
    • vertical flame test FT 4
    • oil and chemical resistance
    • maximum durability under high mechanical stress
    • permanent flexibility


    Tested under real operating conditions


    We put the construction elements and materials through extensive endurance tests under real operating conditions.   Furthermore, the materials were exposed to harsh chemicals in the laboratory to simulate the environment of the paint shop.   All tests were successfully passed and the cable was released for mass production.


    More robotic cables

    Reeling cable for maritme use - DR 750 P Offshore

    The robust construction with reference to the international standard IEC 60092 for ship cables is appropriate for reeling applications with high mechanical stress. The DNV-GL approval as well as the excellent mechanical characteristics offer highest reliability in application.


    Outstanding characteristics of the cable are

    • flame retardant and self-extinguishing
    • halogen free acc. to  IEC 60754-1
    • oil and chemical resistant
    • MUD resistant
    • weather resistant
    • reduced outer diameter
    • low cable weight
    • suitable for winding stress at low temperatures
    • high reeling and unreeling strength
    • DNV-GL certificate-no. TAE 0000002


    Special solutions for special applications

    The strength of SAB Bröckskes is not only the manufacturing of standard cables but also the construction of special items. Every year SAB manufactures more than 1500 special cables on customer´s request.


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    Higher standard regarding fire protection in rail vehicles

    Fire protection in rail vehicles remains a very important issue for the responsible persons of railway industry

    In order to maintain general safety of passengers, the requirements on cables in rail vehicles have always been very high. The new European Standard DIN EN 45545-2 goes on to increase the requirements regarding fire protection in rail vehicles. Besides being halogen free all used cables have to be flame retardant and self - extinguishing  and are not allowed to contribute to fire propagation.

    Application fields

    SAB Bröckskes Ethernet cables of the categories 5, 6 and 7 have proved best performance in practise under harsh environmental conditions. Due to the current and future development in automation and rail industry and the steadily increasing data volumes and rates, SAB Bröckskes now offers the new rail FRNC cables acc. to DIN EN 45545-2 especially for rail industry.

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    UL approved cable harness

    From the manufacturing of the cable to the UL approved cable harness

    The SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG has completed its range of harnessed cables with the certification acc. to UL Standard Wiring Harness“ category ZPFW2 (UL)” and “ZPFW8 (Canada) and herewith strengthens its position as cable specialist for cable harness acc. to customer´s specification

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    The varied world of sensor systems in the automotive industry

    Apart from simple temperature measurements in various fields of application and industries today, not only temperature changes can be measured and controlled via sensors but also changes of varied materials and systems. It should be noted that non-electrical signals need to be converted into electrical signals by means of uniform signals or field busses.

    In the field of e-mobility where high-voltage batteries are controlled and the safety of the user needs to be guaranteed, SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG has, together with its partner CSM GmbH, developed a special temperature measurement system.

    Besides high-voltage sensors, SAB Bröckskes GmbH also produces harnessed cables and wires for pressure sensors, turbo rev counters, and flow sensors. SAB’s harnessed cables for strain gauges, which determine the compression and extension of measuring objects by resistance changes, are used for instance in the automotive industry for the determination of material changes on a car. Here changes of the metal due to shakes on the street are going to be measured.

    Additionally, a fast evaluation of the measured values plays an important role. An increase in efficiency is reached through the so called TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) system. Similarly to plug & play, this system is termed plug & measure. It serves as a fast and direct analysis of measured data on evaluation units.

    SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG is your trusted partner for Sensors. The company delivers temperature measurement, wires, and harnessed cables from one source. You will find here a survey of different industrial application:

    Cables for sensors

    Cables for marine use

    As expert for special solutions SAB Bröckskes looks back on decades of experience in Cable manufacturing. Ever SAB product combines the know how of the most different industrial fields. The medium-sized family business presents now new products with GL and DNV type approval and enlarges herewith its cable range for ship and offshore applications.

    Ballast water, necessary to counterbalance ships is taken on board all over the oceans. For a safe and economic cruise every year billions of tons of ballast water are spread in the sea. Together with this ballast water also unwanted passengers like for example animals as fishes, crabs, bacteria and microbes are transported and released at the final destination. In their new environment, in which they often do not have natural enemies they affect or even infect other animals so that considerable ecological and economical harm can be caused that finally means a danger for mankind.

    The IMO (International Marine Organisation) works on an agreement that shall limit or avoid such dangers – international agreement about the control and the management of the ballast water of ships and sediments. In 2016 at the latest the ballast water on board of each ship has to be cleaned and sterilised by special treatment systems so that it reaches the prescribed standard acc. to the agreement.

    For the use on trade and passenger ships, SAB Bröckskes offers special cables with type approval for the wiring of these systems. On the market very often adequate solutions for special applications and requirements are missing. This is the strength of SAB Bröckskes as cable manufacturer. By the close cooperation with our customers developments are pushed forward that refer to the corresponding international standards. Herewith, products are adjusted with regard to their materials and construction that the customer´s requirements are fulfilled and thus the cables offer best functionality in their application. SAB Bröckskes also takes care of the tests and approval at the corresponding admission offices of DNV, GL, LR and ABS.

    For the wiring of technical equipment on ships the cable manufacturer offers a range of cable products with type approval, the products of the Blue Line cable range of SAB Bröckskes and further special constructions for marine use. A survey on our product range for marine use can be found on the following side:

    BlueLine - Cables for Shipbuilding

    Industrial Ethernet CAT 7 & CAT 7A cables for industrial applications

    The requirements on cables for industrial applications are extremely high. They must be resistant against rough environmental conditions as for example high temperatures, pollution with oil and grease, aggressive chemicals or humidity as well as against strong mechanical stress as for example in cable chains or robot applications.

    Ethernet cables of category 5 and 6 from SAB have proofed an excellent performance in practice. Due to current and future developments, especially in automation processes with a permanently increasing data volume and transmission velocity, SAB offers Industrial Ethernet cables of the newest generation. After considerable design efforts  and several test series, the cable manufacturer enlarges its production range with the CAT 7 and CAT 7A Ethernet cables for industrial applications.

    The application possibilities range from a simple flexible application to the use in cable tracks and robot applications. The production possibilities cover standard dimensions as well as hybrid cables with integrated CAT 7 element on customer´s request.


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    Everything from a single source … to the final inspection.

    With KANSA Kabeltechnik, SAB Bröckskes has enlarged its product spectrum by the field of cable harnessing. Standard as well as special construction with various combinations of connector types and terminals are designed and produced by SAB. Cable types range from single conductors to complete cable sets and complete solutions, especially according to the client‘s requirements. Herewith, high quality standard and a continuous quality control are dominating.

    Fields of application are the automobile industry, machine, plant, and control system construction as well as the household appliance industry.


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    Railway Cables and Wires

    Halogen-free cables for railway technology tested acc. to DIN EN 45545-2. The series of standards DIN EN 45545-2 has replaced the existing DIN 5510-2.

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    TWO in ONE

    Manufacturers of drive units are able to reduce the amount of wiring effort considerably and are at the same time able to save space, weight, and costs.

    Until now in drive technique generally two cables were needed. A cable for the power supply of the drive and a transmission cable for the signal transfer to the control unit. The development of new digital transmission systems enables the use of the so called one cable solution. Herewith, sensor signals and power supply is realized by a single cable.

    The one cable solution by SAB combines the two functions in one cable.

    The advantage for drive unit manufactures is evident. Due to the use of only one cable the amount of wiring is reduced considerably. Low weight and space saving are further advantages, especially for highly flexible applications as, for example, in cable tracks.

    As an expert for special solutions, SAB offers several one cable solutions which have been tested in our own technical center with regard to its capacity towards millions of bending cycles.

    Mobile Measurement Technology for HV Components - HV Sensors

    The measurement system is especially designed for safe temperature measurement on HV components and is excellently suited for mobile and stationary use in the field of electric mobility: electric and hybrid vehicles.

    Tested safety from measuring point to data logging

    ✓ temperature measurement on HV components
    ✓ suitable for mobile and stationary use in the field of e-mobility
    ✓ it can be used in close proximity to the measuring point
    ✓ type test of the complete system by an accredited laboratory

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    SABIX Ultra Cables and Wires

    Fire protection has never been that flexible. Fire protection, halogen-free, flexibility, and oil resistance are the characteristics united by our new product range SABIX Ultra.
    Due to the new sheath material the cable can be used for flexible applications and shows the highest fire protection features such as EN 60332-3 Cat C or D respectively the French standard NF C 32-070 C1.

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    Cables and Wires for Shipbuilding

    As an expert for special solutions SAB Bröckskes has been offering experience in cable manufacturing for decades. Therefore, know-how from a variety of industries is included in each and every product. Now the medium-sized family-owned company presents a new product line for shipbuilding. The development of the new BlueLine cable series has been advanced in co-operation with customers coming from the shipbuilding field. The new cables are available as halogen-free SABIX BlueLine cables or as hightemperature and oil resistant type BlueLine TA 180 C. All SAB Bröckskes BlueLine types are constructed with tinned copper strands in class 5 in order to offer advantages in corrosion resistance and flexibility.

    SABIX BlueLine
    The halogen-free SABIX BlueLine cables have been approved by GL, LR as well as ABS. Their SABIX characteristics fulfill the highest safety-related aspects in shipbuilding with regards to both fire performance as well as being halogen-free. Data cables, type SABIX BlueLine Data, are available with small cross sections beginning with 0.14 mm² (AWG 26). This results in a small outer diameter which offers an outstanding advantage particularly where there is only little space, for example during installation and wiring of navigation and bridge electronics as BNWAS. The types SABIX BlueLine Control as well as SABIX BlueLine Power complement the new product series with control and power supply cables for electrical components.

    BlueLine TA 180 C
    The type BlueLine TA 180 C has been developed particularly for applications in areas with extreme environmental influences. The screened control cable with fluorine plastic insulation is designed for example the use at control panels for ship diesel engines. This cable is suitable for adverse conditions in engine rooms, even under extreme ambient temperatures. It is both oil and fuel resistant and has very good chemical resistances. Besides an excellent fire performance as well as rugged construction the BlueLine TA 180 C type convinces with very high flexibility and extremely good handling during installation. Due to the approval by Germanischer Lloyd it also offers a certain planning reliability for classification.


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    Cables and Wires for Airport Equipment

    Whether for installation in passenger bridges, wiring cables, cables for continuous flexible use, or cables for bus systems. SAB Bröckskes is your innovative partner for a smooth, trouble-free operation.

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    Besilen® (silicone) Insulated Strands B 107/ B 108

    Besilen® (silicone) insulated strands to be used, for instance, in current collectors in rail vehicles.

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    Cables and Wires for Building and Utility Vehicles

    These cables have been specifically designed for unprotected use under high mechanical stress and are therefore, well usable in, for example, construction machines.

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    Tray Cables - VFD Symmetrical Lean TR Typ MTW and WTTC

    Variable Frequency Drive - Tray Cable and Machine-Tool Cable with overall copper screen and three tinned ground wires to be used at, for instance, frequency regulated drives.

    File: SAB_VFD_symmetrical_Lean_TR_en.pdf (300 K)

    Cables and Wires for Crane and Conveyor Applications

    Festoon cables - Reeling cables - Spreader cables.

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    Cables and Wires for Wind Power Plant

    SAB Bröckskes has developed a wide range of cables for different applications in wind power plants.

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